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Fuglavernd BirdLife Iceland is a Non-Government Organisation with 1300 members who pay an annual fee. That funding is the core of our operations. A large part of our work is done by volunteers but we also have two staff members in our office.

  • Fuglavernd advocates for the conservation of bird species and habitats in policy and legislation.
  • Fuglavernd delivers awareness raising campaigns, just like this one for the Atlantic Puffin.
  • Fuglavernd educates others via publication of a magazine, website and social media.

Fuglavernd was recently given a legacy of Hafnarhólmi in Borgarfjörður eystri which is claimed to be the best site to visit the puffins in Iceland.
Our vision is to establish a reserve in Hafnarhólmi, protecting that habitat for puffins and other seabirds who breed there. We would like it to become sustainable as we are a Non-Profit, so that maintenance of the facilities are covered. Having a ranger in the area and thereby creating a local job in a small community is the ultimate goal.

The area the puffins spend the winter on is called NACES (North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Seamount) and is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. This area is the size of France and is an crucial area for a wast amount of seabirds including the Puffin.

This area needs to be protected from bottom of the sea to the surface. You can find more information here about this fantastic area

Here you can sign the petition to protect the NACES area  that is vital for Puffins, other seabirds and creatures of the sea

What you can do to help

You can help, with your donation we can do more great work. Please help us protect the puffins.